Louise Levy

Photography makes me aware, alert, and conscious. It enables me to see the unseen. Through the lens I view the microcosm: the moss on the trees, the stamen in the flower, and the hummingbird moth in my garden. I’m also able to view the macrocosm: swaying branches of the weeping cherry, the sun setting in my backyard, and the clouds looking down from atop Mauna Kea. I capture the angles and patterns formed by the changing light as it casts a spotlight on the cardinal sitting in a tree, the glimmers off the stream or the illuminated rolls of hay laying in a golden field. I see the waves painting patterns in the sand; and, by blurring images, I can change a pot of pansies into the waves of the ocean.


Through my work I try to see the world anew and to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. My guide is my curiosity and opening my eyes to the magic that surrounds me.